In Space Takes a Stand for Music Education

Photo of In Space frontman Andrew Roth

In Space lead singer Andrew Roth recently headed a project that raised funds for The Fender Music Foundation. The show also featured artists such as Cobus Potgieter, Jane Carrey and Jessarae. Roth’s group raised the most money for the foundation and was rewarded with Blue Microphones and Heineken.

In Space, a project headed by Andrew Roth of Granada Hills, Calif., was one of 25 musical acts who participated in an online benefit to raise funds for The Fender Music Foundation (FMF). The talent included Cobus Potgieter, one of the most watched musicians on YouTube; Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey’s daughter who was featured on American Idol this past season; and Jessarae, ReverbNation’s number one artist. Despite the competition, ReverbNation selected In Space as one of ten bands in the world to showcase, and, in the end, In Space raised the most funds for FMF and was rewarded by Blue Microphones and Heineken.

“It felt good to be doing something good,” said Roth, who went above and beyond to make the 30-minute show a success.

To set the mood for the performance, he and his drummer Cory Callahan personally decorated Roth’s garage with Christmas lights and stars, and his mom – who stated she’s Andrew’s “biggest fan” – promoted the show through the media, getting coverage from a number of blogs and music websites.

Never having used a web cam for this purpose before, Stageit walked him through set up, sound tests and rehearsals. “… so when you play your concert, it sounds and looks good,” explained Roth.

Roth is a self-taught musician and prolific songwriter, who plays drums, guitar, piano and sings. He’s been in bands since he was nine. Although he learned how to play these instruments on his own, he gives a lot of credit to the music classes he’s taken: “Music education helps people. It brings people together,” said Roth. “Music is a huge thing in life.”

Roth plans to continue to work with FMF to help support the cause. Stay tuned for future projects!

To listen to Andrew Roth’s music, please go to

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  1. I would love to be involved in this program. Last year, we instituted attendance rallies along with the support of our local educational employees credit union. My nephew donated a guitar to be used as one of our prizes. It was a very popular prize, and helped students realize that attendance is a very important part of their school success. What do I have to do to qualify for a donated guitar? I have a photo that I can attach or last year’s winner, Bernadette Chavez. So very anxious to hear from you.

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